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Lace parasol French Blue
Parasol Christmas Green
Parasol Candy Pink
Parasol Hot Pink
Parasol Aqua
Parasol Taupe
Parasol Irish
Hot Red Parasol
Brown Parasols
White Parasols

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Lace parasol
Light Pink color.

Lace Parasol
French blue color.

Lace parasol
Hot Pink color.

Lace parasol
Light Aqua color.

Lace parasol
Taupe color.

Lace parasol
Christmas Green color.

Lace Parasol. 18"
Chocolate color. Battenburg Lace
$36.00 each

Lace Parasol 18"
Christmas Red. Battenburg Lace
$36.00 each

Lace Parasol. 18 inches
Ivory color. Battenburg Lace
$36.00 each

Irish Design Hemstitch Parasol
White OR Black color parasol
$42.00 each

18" (36" arc when open)
Black Hemstitch Parasol
$42.00 each

Lace Parasol. 18 inches
White color. Battenburg Lace
$36.00 each








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